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Template Design

Asbury University Student Magazine

In 2013 I was the design consultant for Asbury University’s student magazine production class. I taught a little design theory, explained the basics of our layout software, and helped each student fine-tune his or her double-page spread.

One of the hardest parts of the job was keeping all the designs consistent. They were all going to be printed together and bound into a single magazine, so they needed to be uniform. I built a template and some font styles for the students to use. But that meant I had to make a grid.

I had to come up with divisions for margins, text lines, columns and rows, all with aesthetically pleasing proportions and at sizes that kept the type legible. And everything had to divide equally into everything else—no fractions allowed. After an unholy amount of algebra, I arrived at the grid below.


The grid I designed for the template.

Once the grid was done, I filled it in with dummy text and placeholder images to show how flexible it was (and maybe spark some ideas for the students.) Sometimes a grid can seem very limiting, so I wanted to show them the range of options they had.


Grids help keep spacing consistent.


A template like this one works for large and small images.


More layout options.