Bell Forest

Logo design

Bell Forest

Bell Forest, a lumber production company in Michigan, needed a fresh look for their logo. The original is below. This logo wasn’t going to win any awards, but frankly, the concept was pretty good. Having the concrete images of bell and forest (or tree) to work with made this an unusually fun project. Designing a logo for something abstract can be difficult.


The original logo.

I went with a simple, two-color solution. You can see the idea of the logo is exactly the same: a bell with a tree inside it. I just cleaned it up a little. The similarity in style would also prevent the redesign from confusing existing customers.


My updated logo.

Here is the logo with the full wordmark attached.


The full wordmark.

I also redesigned the Bell Forest Web site. The original site is below. Again, it’s not the best work, but I don’t want to beat up on it too much. Notice the information density it achieved. This was something I needed to retain.


The original site.

My update is below. I kept a very similar structure to the original site.


The updated site.