Into the Wind

Poster and album artwork

Rookie, an indie rock band from Lexington, asked me to produce the artwork for their second album, Into the Wind. Since they were still trying to get their name out, I wanted to come up with a design that would be arresting as well as attractive. It needed to draw people’s eyes.

I wanted to try my hand at a masked paint technique, so I picked a bold purple and went to work. I’m pleased with the result, and it synced well with the wind imagery of the album.


Concert poster.

I think you’re not even allowed to start an indie rock band until you can make a cool face like the one lead singer Abe is making here.


Album cover.

More wind imagery. I looked long and hard to find the right kind of windmill—something with a retro vibe.


Panel of the album insert.


The whole (unfolded) front panel of the insert.


The whole (unfolded) back panel of the insert.


Disc label.

Put the disc in your CD player and it spins just like a windmill. Now I just need to find someone who still uses CDs.