Sinclair Ferguson Book

Cover Design

Sinclair Ferguson Book

This was a personal project I tackled just for fun, or maybe because I’m neurotic.

The jacket for Sinclair Ferguson’s book on the Holy Spirit is a weird example of exactly what not to do in cover design. The type is not arranged well on its own. Why is everything in all caps? Why are letters different widths? Why is everything center-aligned and stacked? And why so much leading? As a result, the only way to separate the different elements clearly is to impose a bunch of heavy borders and color changes into the text.

To be clear, it’s not the worst cover in the world. The simplicity is nice. But for such a simple design, it’s awfully complicated.


The original cover.

To redesign the cover, I just removed and rearranged. Fewer colors, fewer borders, and fewer typographic variations. The information hierarchy is both clearer and less forced. I also tightened up the title kerning, which always looks nice on large text.


My updated cover.